• Registration fee of $50 is due before the first lesson.  This secures your lesson day and time. 
  • The first lesson for children 12 and under is an assessment lesson where the instructor will help determine your child's is choosing the right instrument.  We never discourage, but we do want to show students all options

Cancellations & Refunds

Student Absences

  • Because SAW utilizes some of the best musicians of Chicago's music scene, we prefer a 48 hour notice of a cancellation, but 24 hours is required. 
  • There is a fee of $10 if cancellations are made the day of your scheduled private lesson; $15 fee for group lessons.
  • As long as cancellations are made within 24 hours, students can reschedule with their teacher without a fee penalty.

Instructor Absences

  • In case of instructor absences, we will find a substitute teacher for your lesson.  We typically will know week's before your lesson.
  • In case of last minute changes, instructors will give a 24 hour notice of absence.
  • If SAW cannot find an instructor for any reason, we will reschedule.


  • Since group lessons are paid in full for 8 weeks at registration, refunds will only be given for weeks not attended after the 8 week session is over.
  • Refunds will not be given for missed SAW Workshops with special guest musicians

Lessons for Kids!

  • Because of this age group, these lessons are limited to 30 minutes. 
  • Parents are advised to please stay in the room with their child so that they can help them at home during practice..... its like a "two-for deal",  you both learn :) 
  • It is very normal for some students of this age to lose attention during lessons, but SAW will not pro-rate lessons because of shortened lesson times.