Sounds About Write 

Private Lessons


The SAW Workshop is designed for those who are looking to grasp a well-rounded music education by combining instrumental music lessons with songwriting & audio production.  In this workshop, you will learn about melody, rhythm, song structure and chord progressions all while learning how to play your instrument.  As you noticed, the added bonus of this workshop is that you also are taught how to produce your music on the computer.  Within the context of learning about songwriting, students also learn about various genres of music.

Students can choose their preferred DAW software to learn on.  Options are Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, NI Maschine or Reason 8.0.  SAW Workshop is taught over an 8 week cycle.  Students should have a well produced song recorded and basic understanding of audio production by the end of an 8-week cycle.


**Pay 8 weeks in Full and receive 5% off private lessons

  • 60 Minutes - $60.............  $456 Paid in Full  
  • 90 Minutes - $75.............  $570 Paid in Full
  • 120 Minutes - $100........   $760 Paid in Full 


  • 75 Minutes...............  $240 Paid in Full
  • 90 Minutes...............  $320 Paid in Full
  • 120 Minutes.............  $494 Paid in Full

Instrumental and Audio Production Lessons

Private Lessons and Group Classes Available

Students can learn guitar, drums, bass, piano, saxophone,  flute, string instruments and more.  Students are required to have their own instruments so that they can practice at home.  Used instruments are great and saves you money, but there are some brands you want to stay away from.  Feel free to ask us about acquiring instruments and we will lead you in the right direction. 

We realize that there are many people who enjoy playing their instrument as a hobby but are interested in recording songs that they have created.  Basic Recording teaches students how to record their songs in software and upload to online clouds or on to a CD.  In this lesson, students learn the basics about using computers, file management, programming drums, sequencing and computer hardware.  There also are advance music production classes available where students learn how to sample, record and mix records.

*Private Instrumental lessons for children under 12 are limited to 30 minutes if they are beginners.  Parents are encouraged to stay with the student during their lesson.


**Must be Paid in Full


**Pay 8 weeks in Full and receive 15% off private lessons

 30 Minutes - $30       $204 Paid in Full                                                                          45 Minutes - $40       $272 Paid in Full                                                                              60 Minutes - $50       $340 Paid in Full 


 60 Minutes - $160                                                                                                                                                90 Minutes - $240                                                                                                                                            120 Minutes - $320