Sounds About Write is a school of music that teaches students not only how to play instruments, but also teaches students how to write songs and produce music through the use of recording hardware equipment and software.  When the time is right, students will move on to performing in a SAW band where they will learn how to collaborate, learn time management, effective communication, be creative,  and put all their practice to work.  

Listening to music is known to improve visual and verbal skills, improves sleep quality, reduces depression and anxiety among other benefits.  Playing an instrument includes sharpening your concentration, creates a sense of achievement, promotes your social skills, exposes you to cultural history, improves math, reading and comprehension skills and much, much more.  Our mission is to provide a platform for people to obtain better mental health which will in turn help cultivate the arts community in Chicago.   The unique music education that students will learn at SAW will be one where students are very well-rounded musicians and producers.  

We offer private and group lessons on piano, drums, bass, guitar, percussion, trumpet, saxophone, flute, voice as well as music theory/songwriting.  We also offer private and group lessons in music production which includes beat-making and recording/mixing techniques. 

        Hear It

In our Sounds About Write lessons, Students don't  just learn their chosen instrument.  They will learn how to play their instrument by writing a song.  Its a great way for students to be engaged in their lessons from beginning to end.  With this method, students will play songs that they like listening to on a daily basis.  This helps to make learning a musical instrument fun!

Write It

Our approach to teaching music is through the use of simply playing.  Students learn about various genres of music, the cultures that music derives from and music theory by simply creating songs.  Our instructors teach students how to analyze songs.  By analyzing songs, students learn about song structure, chord progressions, rhythm, melody, instrumentation, and dynamics.  

Play It!

While students are learning their instruments and writing their songs, they can team up with other students to perform their recital.  Students will also learn the basics of copyrighting their music and other basic music business skills.  Parents are encouraged to be involved.  SAW claims no                                                                                                          rights to songs that students write.